Reasons to Consider Semi Permanent Lip Enhancements


  • If you want to restore definition to faded lips
  • If your want to correct asymmetrical or thinning lips
  • If you require colour to balance the lips and lift your complexion
  • If you want an easy way to 24-hour a day beauty and confidence
  • If you need to minimise lipstick bleed with the re-contouring the vermillion border
  • If you strive for a natural enhancement with mircopigmentation


  • Now I have my yumilashes and semi permanent make up I can get up in the mornings and already feel fantastic.
    — Megan
  • It's always a pleasure to see Louise. I have had my eyebrows, eyeliner (top and bottom) and lipblush. Louise has a very professional approach and makes me feel at ease before any procedure.
    — Sara
  • ouise has been doing my hair, semi permanent makeup and eyelashes for the last two years and hopefully will continue to do so for the next 20!
    — Ciara
  • I had my eyebrows tattooed by Louise a year ago and I have to say I have been delighted with the results! I had barely anything there before and would always have to pencil my brows on before even doing simple things like taking the bins out!
    — Julie