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Rainbow and pastel hair trends have been having a serious, years-long moment. 

While everyone has been trying out rainbow hair shades this season, it can be a high maintenance colour to keep looking fresh, depending on the condition of your locks, it does have a tendency to become a kind of wishy, washy colour just after a few shampoos. 

Maria Nila Stockholm "Colour Refresh" is my secret weapon to this problem! A nourishing hair masque containing Argan oil with colour pigments that quickly and easily refreshes the hair. The masque contains temporary pigments that gradually fade between 4-10 washes. There is a "white mix" which is used to control the vibrancy of your chosen shade, creating your very own bespoke vibrant rainbow or pale pastel shades. 

For all you Brazilian blowout girls... It's sulphate and paraben free so completely safe to use and if that wasn't enough... It also contains 100% vegan ingredients for all you natural beauty's out there.